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The Sustainability Street Institute looks forward to training new Mentors in Muswellbrook Shire, long term members of and active participants in the national Susty Street "community".

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The Sustainability Street Approach (SSA) has fostered the emergence of many, many hundreds of local SSA Villages around Australia.  More than that, since the Institute has promoted copyright free access to non-commercial, volunteer based individuals and groups, operating to benefit community and nature ... there are unknown other DIY Villages also out there, such as Sustainability Street Murwillumbah in NSW, Winston Hills in Sydney, the Merlynstone mob and others   




When the writing of the Shortcut began, it was known as the "DIY" version of the Approach.  This evolved to the more pertinent DIO ... O for ourselves ... plural, rather than just the Y, singular.

The Shortcut is the "guide beside, not the sage on stage!"  This new SSA manual, V4.1, has  evolved to the point of being "the best enabler it can be".   It fosters in communities an enthusiasm to "fill our own blank canvas", in  ways that are relevant to and driven by us.  No two communities are the same and nobody can tell a community how to be a community!   The Shortcut is presented along side "The long and winding Scenic Route, to Sustainability Street".  A large volume of resource, support and reference material including case studies, stories, templates, conservation shortcuts, guidelines, the ecologicalfingerprint and even an environmental course of study and action … for those who need that      

Have a look at who helped make it possible ... ethical, interesting and leaders of the NEW economy.  Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou mecu!