The The EnviroShop is a fantastic supplier of Solar Power, Solar Hot Water, Efficient Lighting and Eco Products and is thoroughly trusted and highly recommended by the Sustainability Street Institute. EnviroShop, has been part of the environmental sustainability movement for decades.  A deeply committed organisation of the highest integrity.  An invaluable find in this day and age of eco-carpet-baggers, green washers and fly by night solar sellers.

They provide exceptional quality, professionalism and service.  

EnviroShop was set up by and is now run by local eco-hero, Mick Harris, a pioneer of the sustainability movement and now, of the emerging new eco-sustainable economy!!   He is a fouding member of the Alternative Technology Association and brings decades of expertise to the work of the Enviro Group.  Under Mick's tutelage, the EnviroShop specialises in premium quality 2 to 5kW solar power systems and highly efficient evacuated tube solar hot water systems. Call Meryn Van Elberg on 9480 1905 ... and say the Sustainability Street Institute sent you, for a bit of the old red carpet treatment! 

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The inimitable founder of EnviroGroup, Mick Harris, giving his all to a Sustainability Street Group, Sumner Estate Northcote.