Chapter 1.  One Purpose ... coming home

How do you "come home"?  As with the pulsating core energy of the Sustainability Street Approach, it's up to you!  The Approach just "puts it out there".  Simple fact ...  the  seminal reason for our environmental decline and the incomprehensible damage we have wrought is because we have lost connection!!  On two levels ... understandings and feelings!  Head and heart!

  1. the madness of not linking clean air, water and soil to our own health and survival as placental mammals

2. and more importantly in love connection and relationship with the Earth,

As Peter Dombrovskis says, connecting with nature, visiting the bush, etc, is not getting away from it all ... it is "coming back to it all!  Coming home to what's important, coming home to yourself!







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What could be more important than to re-learn, repair and rebuild our relationship with the Earth?  Is this not the single greatest challenge in all of human history?  This time in human history is the greatest opportunity ever to craft a new way of being which is gentle on the Earth, based on reverence for the Earth’s beauty, complexity and for enabling our lives in the suburbs, streets and hamlets in which we live.


We humans are but one, single species of life among , many, many millions of other animals and plants, their landforms and habitats.  We are an ecological speck compared to all other species and the miracle of the Earth’s giant natural systems … the climate, water cycle, material flow, etc, which holds us all together.

The Earth has enabled life for all species.  Yet we alone have had an impact on every other single strand of nature.  The human being in fact, is a quite recently evolved woodland, grassland species from the North of Africa.  In that geological blink of an eye we have managed to spread to every habitat, every land, every niche.

Had we no redeeming features, the word “plague” would spring to mind.  But we people do have enormous capacity for good, born out of our intelligence, empathy, creativity and doggedness.  These are our lifeline and the hope of the future.  (see also; “The Southern Cross of Optimism”)    Frankly, all the solutions are out there right now!  It is not a matter of whether we can do this, it is a matter of will we do this?  Do we actually have the will?  Or, should we we just sit back and expect  governments, science or industry to fix the world?  It is a choice.   Our choice.  We can wait for the future to happen or we can shape the future, with others around us, starting tomorrow?  One thing is certain.  The more we do this for ourselves the more that governments, industry and science will be inspired to match our efforts.

And the SSA is about guiding us toward living our core lifestyle for ecological sustainability.  And the thing about ecological sustainability is the ecological bit!  Despite the disastrous potential which climate damage forebodes, we can in fact reverse climate change.  Just as a united determined world reversed the escalating damage to the ozone layer, we can return atmospheric carbon to natural levels.  However, a thing we can never do, is bring back an extinct species of life, despite the rantings of the cloners.  

The precious sanctity of biological diversity is the driving priority of the SSA.  The Approach works to guide us to make nature manifest through daily life and undersatanding.  

Reuniting ourselves with the beauty of nature and being nourished by its joy and wondrousness, is actually food for the inspiration to our lives in such a way as to lay down the greatest respect for nature as the mission of our species.
Dr. Sir Ken Robinson, in a penetrating YouTube clip (http.www) posits that if the human species disappeared from the Earth, within a very few years all other species would flourish.  Indeed, there is a body of thought which argues that it is not about saving the world, it’s all about saving the humans.

On the one hand, this is a bleak thought, however, on the other,  it underscores the amazing capacity of the rest of Life on Earth to live and thrive in balance with each other.  While we seem to have a death wish, the rest of the Earth has astounding and resilient survival capacity.  Despite the vast disrespect and breadth of damage that we humans have wrought, the fact is that the Earth can regenerate.  The exciting news is that we humans have at last begun to craft the necessary new relationship with our fellow travellers here on “Spaceship Earth”, to allow the re-generation to begin  With continued resolve, imagination and openess to living differently, we can help heal this exquisite, beautiful Planet.  The best little planet in town.