The Shortcut outlines the self help fostering DNA of the Sustainability Street Approach.  The eight facets which make it a "guide beside" and not a "sage on stage" type learning and action resource!  It allows users to define their Village and to energise it to the extent possible, at this time in their own life journeys.  As much or as little.  It is all good.

The Scenic route To Sustainability Street; DIO, comprises The best of things written, observed, taught, learned over the last ten years, from hundreds of communities  ...

Ch: 1:  One Purpose.  "Coming Home ... To The Earth"

Ch: Two: But We're Just One Small Community

Ch: Three

Ch: Four

Ch: Five

Ch: Six.  Emotion ... the motivator

Ch: Seven ... The SSA Knowledge

Ch: Eight ... Hands on, step by step Sustainability Village building

Special At Length Material

        • including "Being There.