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Sustainability Street Institute Incorporated
BSB: 803 140
Account No: 2318 8384
Bank: Bankmecu Limited

The modus operandi of the Sustainability Street Approach is to make ourselves redundant.  We work hard to create programs and materials which are about "fostering ownership of culture change".  The Sustainability Street Institute has a number of cut through, outa the box and very practical sustainability & community building ideas for the future.  They are original, engaging, exciting and most importantly … designed to put participants and users in the decision making driver's seat.  So many ideas, so much potential for culture change ownership. 

There are three main projects in the pipeline for development ... and a further  list of possibilities, original ideas, blue skies concepts and opportunities ... just ask!

  1. Screens to Streets: A magical, virtual Sustainability Street Village web presence graphically structured just like a neighbourhood, complete with Town Hall, School, Library, Playground, Cinema ... providing link access to ...
            • Sustainability Street Institute's "mentor training program", online - in a virtual "classroom", distance education format. The SSA CommUniversity takes on even greater capacity for all to be both learners and teachers.
            • This exciting, practical and inspiring web presence will also bring new depth and dimension to the now much hackneyed term "online community".
  2. The ecological•fingerprint: Appraised and endorsed by Dr. David Suzuki. The Footprint shows where we have been, the FINGERprint points to where we could be going and how good and human scale exciting and sustainable that could be.
  3. Village On The Box: a reality/lifestyle format television program devised by SSI Treasurer, John Bergin. Currently being discussed with a famous production house based in Newtown, Sydney.