The Southern Cross Of Optimism:

Five Big Reasons why we can not only be optimistic about the future, but why we can sprint like Cathy toward it: Huge reasons for hope!

EinsteinPortrait5xThe Einstein Star: We’re not only clever, but also imaginative.  Our minds are supremely powerful, and just as we got ourselves into this mess, we can likewise get ourselves out!
The Little Red Engine Star: Inevitability.  Sustainability simply must happen—there’s no choice, so we might as well be inspired and get on with it.
The Dalai Lama Star: Kindness.  Humans have an unmatched capacity for empathy, and we can nourish ourselves, others, and natural ecosystems by developing this wonderful cognitive ability.
The Rosa Parks & Maggie Mead Star: People united and Determined.  This isn’t anything new—when people get together to make a positive difference, they will be triumphant!
The David Attenborough Star: Ah ha! So that’s the meaning of life!  As more and more people discover the richness of caring for and being cared for by nature, it grows exponentially and we all win…