iIan McPhail, former Victorian Sustainability Commissioner, warned eloquently at a Kyoto Protocol Victory celebration in Melbourne, of "Creeping Normalcy", a deep psychological state of acquiescence to some idea of the "inevitability" of climate change.

Rather than "creeping normalcy", the SSA's Accumulation and Trigger process offers us a salve` and provides the fuel to replace climate change with social change.

The "Accumulation and Trigger" is not about rose coloured glasses or head in the sand.  It is more about dogged determination.  It's about continuing to work creatively to mitigate carbon … and to stay aware, via articles such as below. 

Indeed, who knows, one day, something like this report about the current, disappointing Doha Climate Talks, may just be the kind of Trigger we've been expecting!   Although, of course, for the Trigger to work, we need to keep on Accumulating social change ... and enjoying the process.




With global climate change talks moving too slowly,

scientists are now talking of a rise in global temperatures of four degrees.

"AVERAGES ARE VERY MISLEADING," says Professor Lesley Hughes. "An average never killed anything."

Professor Hughes, one of Australia's Climate Commissioners, is talking about recent reports suggesting the world is heading for an average 4°C of global warming by the end of this century.

Both the World Bank and the Global Carbon Project, an international group of scientists including members of CSIRO, have come to this conclusion based on the assumption that the world will do little to cut back on emissions of greenhouse gases mainly from burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests.


Professor Hughes does see hope of avoiding 4°C, even though she says the chances of avoiding 2°C are "vanishingly small" - a sentiment also shared by Palutikof.

"Because we understand what is causing it, we do have a chance to fix it," concludes Hughes.

"If the climate was changing in this rapid way and we knew that it was the fault of the Sun, then we would have no hope because we can't control that. But because we understand the basic physics of the greenhouse effect and we know where the greenhouse gases are coming from then we know we can fix it.

"In 50 years time, the notion that we were using coal as our main energy source will seem absolutely absurd. We are on the trajectory of change but the transition has to come an awful lot faster."




 SSA Terminology Glossarised


This is a rejection of the assumption that the world will do little to cut back on emissions ... the basis on which the Doha Climate Conferees predicated the cataclysmic four degrees pronouncement.

Accumulation is the by product of human doggedness, a determined persistence … of meetings, campaigns, connections, creativity, ideas, community, solidarity, courage, hard work, love, ingenuity, empathy, etc, etc, etc.  The kind of doggedness which enabled the Berlin Wall to come down "overnight", for Nelson Mandela to walk free after 27 years or for the US Civil Rights movement to shape the whole world, after ceturies of disgusting greed and crimes against humanity.

The Triggers:

Eric Hoeneker's arrogant and blase` hubris, in the face of Perestroika, F.W DeKlerk's verligte ("enlightened") movement within the South African National Party and Rosa Parke's defiance!

So … let's keep on Accumulating our Sustainability Street wins, alongside the many, many millions of others who are part of the new people movement, across this beautiful planet … because … our Trigger is on the way!