Extracted from an email to an entusiastic Mentor ... ion Musswellbrook ... NSW ...

It was great to chat with you earlier this week ... and it is so inspiring and wonderful to hear of Kylie's great work and the new  "Villages" she has "anointed".

As promised, attached, is the PDF which outlines the Train The Mentor program. 

The TTM, as it's known, will round out how you shape your local journey.  The TTM  workshop will enable and empower you to draw the best from the Approach's unique, user sculpted tools for education and community.

It will boost you in two regards.  

Using the SSA "blueprint" outlined in the TTM, you can create a locally pertinent range of all important "check boxes for progress", as discussed on Monday … and ... it will catalyse your own set of skills, experiences, passions and objectives to enable you locally to "create" the best ways forward for you.  

Think perhaps in terms of Left and Right brains?

  • Left brain:  the parameters, milestones and measures, as discussed on Monday.  The TTM will provide insight and skills in the deeper, wider aspects of the the Approach as both a community environmental education and as a community bonding and strengthening tool to ensure tht these "functional" criteria are defined, by you, with the biggest heart possible.
  • Right brain:  the powerful, deeper emotional and spiritual drivers.  Passion for place and for people


    • Think in terms of the Bucket and the Thimble ... both can be full: one has more.
    • on one hand, just the 7 words "Sustainability Street;  It's A Village Out There" ... provide a springboard of realisation and licence for people to internalise, decide, then "just get on and do it"!
    • on the other hand, as we humans have found for thousands of generations,  the value of learning ("education and self education") to provide us with safer, more fulfilling and meaningful lifestyles & behaviour is plumbed in the "Shortcut to Sustainability Street DIO" ... which the TTM is designed to draw out for and imbue in workshop participants.


Warmest Regards,
Frank Fitzgerald-Ryan

SSI Chairperson