But what is the "Sustain Smarter not Harder thing!"

1. Sustaining with "inside knowledge"! Don't forget  the SSA waste, water and energy shortcuts. Simple understanding to boost your conservation power!

2. It's bigger than just good behaviour! Tim's mum Sue, from the City of Whitehorse Sustainability Streets, gave one of the best ever wake up calls. The "Wake Up Call" is a speech which forms a part of the SSA Train the Mentor and graduation ceremony. Tim's mum's speech argued, so eloquently and persuasively, that the wars, hunger and alienation which result from the splits in our world, have never been solved by politics, churches, culture, markets, the United Nations, fashion, money, class, sport ... or whatever! Instead, she argued, the universality and commonality of nature to all peoples, if you like, the need for everybody to breathe oxygen, will finally gift us a uinified, caring and peaceful world. Protecting nature and life on Earth will unite us, more than the petty things divide us! The 3 Areas of Daily Focussed Effort will give us the justice, meaning and fulfillment of a clean, green, peaceful future, where all other things in history have failed, declared Sue!

So, the Three Areas of Daily Focussed Effort will succeed, where the enlightenment, Socrates, the renaissance, Lano & Woodley or even the United Nations could not!!. Is that bigger than the Beatles or what eh?

NB: The Three A.D.F.E. ARE detailed in the new manual, The Shorthcut to Sustainability Street; DIY, available for sale through the link below.  And then, a copious bevy of other detail, activities, ideas, templates, suggestions to complement the Shortcut are available on this website as a free add-on to the Shortcut to Sustainability Street.