The Sustainability Street Approach is, above all, about deep love and respect for the Earth.  It's a chance to re-discover in ourselves, the age old awe in which humans have held our magnificent planet. For many thousands of human generations, reverance for the Earth has been the foundation for our living.  Re-capturing this respect is the foundation for modern sustainable living. Visiting, enjoying, loving and deeply respecting nature is not "getting away from it all", it's coming back to it all. One comes home to what’s important. One comes home to oneself. 

Moreover, this precious relationship with our planet is a two way street. 

On the one hand, of course, we need food, we need water.  However, more than that, we also need nature for what it is.  It is good for our souls.  Refreshing contact with nature is deeply nourishing for our selves and for our  humanity.  In the words of Peter Dombrovskis, whose photo of Devil Bend gave a connection to mainlanders and turned the tide in the fight to save the Franklin River ...

...  if you go to the wilderness, you're not getting away from it all, you are coming back to it all. Coming home to what's important. Coming home to yourself.  Peter Dombrovskis.

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.
E. O. Wilson.  Biologist, and author of "The Death Of Birth"

 NB: The One Purpose is detailed in the new manual, The Shorthcut to Sustainability Street; DIO, available for sale through the link below or via download from licenced partners, such as Councils, NGOs, Catchment Authories, etc.  The Scenic Route to Sustainability Street; DIO, provides hundreds of pages of further detail, activities, ideas, templates, stories, recipes, evaluation and study reports,  suggestions to complement the Shortcut are available on this website as a free add-on to the Shortcut to Sustainability Street.