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    One Purpose ... Coming Home ... to the Earth

    “A human being is a part of a Whole, called by us the Universe, a part limited in time and space.  We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest … a kind of optical delusion of our consciousness.  This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

    Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.  Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.” 

    Albert Einstein


                   Only in the last moment of human history has the delusion arisen that people can flourish apart from the rest of the living world. E. O. Wilson 


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Sustainability Street Institute;

Extraordinary General Meeting

Deductible Gift Recipient Status

Dear SSI Member,

The Sustainability Street Institute (SSI) is proud and delighted to announce that the Sustainability Street Approach (SSA) is celebrating a decade of passionate commitment to and education for eco-living culture building through community strengthening.  Since 2002, close to 500 local SSA Villages around Australia, and beyond, have both used the Approach, though more importantly, have helped to shape it.  Accordingly, this year also marks the release of the most exciting version of the SSA Manual to date, V4.1,  "The Shortcut To Sustainability Street; DIO"(NB: DIO = Do It Ourselves, all of us, together, not just DIY, yourself alone, but wif ya mates).    

The Shorty, as 'tis affectionately known, is the embodiment of the Institutes' core mission since 1988, which, as educators, is to "craft" the Approach to be independently doable.  A springboard for self actualisation, thus enabling self determination by local groups.   The SSI offers this latest manual as being truly "the guide beside … rather than the sage on stage".

So, the SSI, invites you to an Extraordinary General Meeting on Sunday 3rd of June @ Cafe Fianco, 85 High St (Cnr Barry) Westgarth, in order to ...

a) celebrate the Launch of The Shorty

b) hear about the “eBook version”, produced in iBookAuthor, for the iTunes availability around the world

b) consider a motion to enable the Institute to seek Deductible Gift Recipient status, or DGR as it is known.

DGR status would be most timely at this stage in the SSA journey.   With the The Shorty now "in the bag", the Institute is excited about our other original, cut through, educational, people driven, nature venerating and values clarifying projects … which have been on that ol' drawing board for quite a wee while or two … and which have equally deep and wide, if not greater potential to make a difference.   A big difference, the projects include ...  

            • Sustainability Street On TV ... The only reality Show, where the worms get the casting vote!  
            • The Institute's Open … For EnrolmentsThe famous SSA CommUniversity goes on line, using web 2.0 software such a Moodle, HoloYouGram, Ed-lumination, etc … then, viola` ... we have an online SSA community ...  learning, sharing and above all, improving qualifications.
            • The ecologicalfingerprint ... appraised and endorsed by Dr. David Suzuki.  Beta version written, and ready to go on-line for the whole world to use!

Therefore ...

              • ENJOY A WONDERFUL SHORT FILM … power of community, economics of happiness … or … I am, the shift is about to hit the fan … we'll choose by the ayes on the day …


Warmest Regards,

frank fitzgerald-ryan

president ... ssi



Download the SSA Prospectus - The Approach is available for free to volunteers and for modest cost to licensed partners.

Find Out about the EcologicalFINGERprint.pdf - appraised and endorsed by Dr. David Suzuki. NB: that's finger, not foot!!  Where we are going not where we've been.  Very positive and future focussed.

Evaluation & Media

Since 2002, more than 250 local Sustainabilty Street Villages have accomplished remarkable benchmarks in both environmental impact reduction and social connectedness. The second proving "bio-rocket fuel" to the first. Humans are hard-wired to smile, look after each other and the Earth upon which our physical and spiritual health depends. Visit and download form a selection of University Studies, participant stories, local Council reports, etc.

Vox Bandicoot

 … "first in Australia, still unique in the world".  Established in 1988 Vox has an abiding passion for education & community empowerment for change.  Dedicated to ecological sustainability, through a judicious mix of learning, arts, aesthetics, science, humour, and common sense, in a magical mix designed to foster the maturation of culture.  Seriously, what is it with a of culture which presides over the loss of extinction of entire species of life at the rate of two or three per hour?  The Vox Bandicoot team created the Sustainability Street Approach as a blueprint for empowerment, a blank canvas for crafting the future.  Visit voxbandicoot.com.au


Watch New Villages Grow

MusswellBrook.LOGOJaqKW Sulli Eilish copy

Shire Of Muswellbrook:  The first LGA in Australia to be based on v 4.1, The Shortcut to Sustainability Street; DIO … not DIY, the O being for Ourselves.  Our group, community, street, family, neighbourhood, club, church ... etc.  Using the basic "pump priming" tools supplied by the Institute, local sustainability officer Kylie, has now presented numerous Info & Invite sessions, complete with SSA engagement tools, localised to perfection.  Muswellbrook's Sustainability Street roadshow has been taken out to the meeting places and human spaces throughout this end of the glorious Hunter Valley ... and the rest, as they say!   So, as molly would say, do your selves a favour … watch this project grow!   SEE MORE ...


The City of Monash, the 43rd Municipal area to join the LGA Sustainability Street movement.   Monash will evolve, completely guided using the new manual v 4.1, The Shortcut to Sustainability Street; DIO … (not DIY, the O being for Ourselves) Call James ... +61 3 9518-3561  See more pictures, detais and local relevant bits..


The Shire of Mornington Peninsula ... great initiativesfrom Rye to Redhill. Call Nicci to get involved ...+61 3 5950-1259


Bendigo Sustainability Group.

Q. What did one Kitchen Table say to the other Kitchen Table.

A. We can change the world ... in fact, it is the only way real change has ever begun.


The City of Whitehorse, a pioneering, model SSA Council, is also home to the first DIY Village in Mitcham, Victoria. This on top of six years of Village building in Vermont South, Box Hill, Larch Ave, Blackburn Lakes and the list goes on.  The Institute is also very Grateful for the advocacy role that this City has played in being always ready and willing to discuss their SSA experience with other municipalities.  Call Miho ...+61 3 9262-6433.  Read More.